Make the best out of you Qauren-TIME!!!

Is it just me or are all of y’ll also wondering when this pandemic will get over?? When will I get to go out ??

But the irony of the situation is when things were normal most of us wanted a break .. most of us wanted to be at home binge watch a Netflix series the whole day in our bed and never get out .. well u got your opportunity girl !

“No matter how frustrating this gets there’s no other way but to sit at home and not stress and ofc wash your hands”But there’s more to it then this .. find yourself … Do something u always wanted to do , maybe make diy’s for your house .. rearrange ur room … Draw .. go for that online class u always wanted to go .. learn that langauge u wanted to learn .. write a book .. or start a blog like me * laughing emoji*

All in all make use of it .. instead of whining .. it can get a bit difficult we aren’t used to not socialising as we are the #socialbeings and we aren’t used to being told what to do. It might get stuffy by talking to the same two people everyday and if u live alone the loneliness might be a lot .. but what we can do is make use of the internet connect with our loved ones there and not I mean not at all remove your frustration on the people you are with.. it’s equally frustrating for all of us.

So guys make the best of the beautiful time you have and enjoy and take care of both you physical and mental health!

Take care , lots of love


Looking at the mirror

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Ever looked at the mirror and wondered about how you look and then started judging yourself ? well i have and I am sure many of us do it almost everyday. It isn’t bad to look at urself but it is bad to judge.

what does this judgement do? it decreases your confidence and as we all know confidence is the best ornament a girl can wear. when we judge we assume what people might think of us when they look at us and what they might be thinking can be the absolute opposite of our judgement. we tend to change ourselves based on the “judgement of the mirror”. We tend to forget who we really are. Makeup should be fun not a way to hide ur flaws .

Girls let people see ur flaws let them know how strong you are …. Let them know the real you .. don’t feel vulnerable cause you think you don’t look good .. tie that hair into a bun and wear ur comfy clothes . Do wat you like a mirror can’t decide who you are .. it’s only a reflection and you can change it the way you want . Love yourself and everything will be alright …❤️ Take care , wash your hands and tell me how you liked this .

Yours ,